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Frontend Developer



Frontend Developer with a desire to gain more experience and share my current knowledge to the benefit of the common deal. I have good knowledge of React, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, Django. My passion is to create beautiful modern responsive websites and web applications. Ready to apply my passion for coding to a talented engineering team as a Frontend Developer.

Location: Russia, Moscow
Ready for relocation
Employment: full time
Remote job / Office


My Weather App

Demo | GitHub
  • Weather App with React JS
  • Current Weather, Hourly and Daily Forecast
  • Free OpenWeatherMap API
  • Geolocation
  • Local Date & Time
  • Responsive Website (Desktop & Mobile)
  • Getting weather data for:
    • the city from the list of cities
    • the city found through the search
    • the current browser geolocation

Stack: React, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React-Bootstrap

Advertising Website for MMORPG Community

  • Personal account on the website
  • SingUp, LogIn, LogOut, E-mail confirmation
  • Placement ad
  • Categories selection
  • Interaction with responses
  • Scheduled tasks
  • Subscription for Newsletters, new ads

Stack: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Python, Django, Redis, Celery

Playing the Drum Kit Online Game

Demo | GitHub
  • Play the Drums pressing keys or clicking mouse

Stack: JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Simon Game

Demo | GitHub
  • Simon is an awesome electronic game of memory skill ))
  • Try to repeat the combination of pressed buttons from the beginning

Stack: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery


Demo | GitHub
  • Responsive website with my CV
  • Adapted for screens of any sizes

Stack: HTML, CSS


Collection of console Brain-Games

Skills gained:
  • environment setup: Linux (Ubuntu), Node.js, npm, VSCode, Eslint installation and configuration;
  • installation of additional libraries;
  • implementation of Airbnb coding standards using Eslint, CodeClimate;
  • work with Git and Github;
  • continuous integration (CI) using Github Actions;
  • development of project architecture - isolation of side effects, the possibility to add new games.

Stack: JavaScript, Github, Eslint, CodeClimate, asciinema

• JavaScript • TypeScript • React • Redux • HTML • CSS • Bootstrap • Figma
• Python • Django • DRF • Postman • Celery • Redis • SQL • GitHub • Linux
Владение английским
Могу проходить интервью


Fullstack Web Developer, RNG
марта 2022 - июля 2022

Freelance project for Recruitment agency

I developed from zero new website for recruiting company.

Demo | GitHub
  • Responsive MPA website with smart design and animation
  • Info about the agency, its clients, services etc.
  • Visitors can leave messages, study vacancies, apply for vacancies, contact recruiters, subscribe for new vacancies letters
  • Recruiters can create, edit, delete vacancies and their profiles, collect vacancies applications

Stack: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Python, Django, SQL

Backend Software Engineer, Pushkin Card (Internship)
янв. 2022 - февр. 2022

Promotion platform of cultural events among young people

Participated in the development of the backend part of the recommendation system for users of the “Pushkin card” mobile application
Studied team codebase & teamwork

Stack: Python, FastAPI & SQLAlchemy


Hexlet - Frontend Developer
июня 2022 - по настоящее время
SkillFactory - Fullstack Web Developer
июля 2021 - по настоящее время
The Complete Web Development Bootcamp - Frontend Developer
окт. 2021 - мая 2022
Digitalize - Basics of Computer and Web technologies with Python
сент. 2021 - дек. 2021
Higher School of Economics (HSE) - HRM
сент. 2013 - мая 2018
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