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Looking for a full-time Front-end dev. job remotely or in the office. Relocation is possible.

I am currently studying at Hexlet by profession Frontend developer. During the training, projects have been completed at the moment:

Brain games - it is a set of 5 console games developed on the principle of popular brain-boosting games.
Stack: JS vanila.

Difference calculator - this is a console application that defines the difference between two JSON and yml/yaml data structures. The output supports 3 formats, it can also be used as a library.
Stack: JavaScript, Lodash library, Jest library for writing tests, Commander.js - Nodejs module, which provides powerful functions for command line data entry and parameter analysis.

RSS aggregator - a platform for reading RSS feeds.
Form validation using the yup, AJAX requests are executed using Axios, the service parses and renders data, also handles errors and updates feeds asynchronously. The project is embedded on vercel.app. The project is implemented following the MVC concept.
Stack: Webpack, Bootstrap 5, Validator, i18next, Axios.

About me

I am 20 years old, I live in the small town of Oktyabrsky, which is located in the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia. I've been interested in programming since school, since about grade 8. I started watching videos on youtube, then I wanted to do Desktop development and had a desire to learn C#.

After school, he entered the college as a programmer in computer systems, where he studied Desktop development, in the Delphi language. As part of my studies, I have completed many projects, such as an automated order accounting system for a construction company and many others. There were also subjects on frontend development, where HTML, CSS and JS were studied. According to frontend development, a project was completed, a small website for a real estate company.

I am currently taking courses on Hexlet on Frontend development. In the near future I plan to start working in IT and learn new things, grow as a developer.


JavaScript (ES6+);
HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 5;
ESLint, Prettier;
Git, GitHub;
Lodash, Axios, Jest, On-Change, Yup, i18next.

Награды, Сертификаты

Hexlet - Front-end developer
From 03.12.2021 to until now

Владение английским
Читаю профессиональную литературу
telegram: @qqepsho, email: kalimulin.91@bk.ru, linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/kalimulin01


"Programming in computer systems", economic College
сент. 2017 - июня 2021

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