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Frontend Developer with an ambitious plan to grow to the position of Team Leader. I truly enjoy writing HTML code and working with CSS technologies. I'm writing code in vanilla JavaScript & React.

I always set ambitious goals and pay a lot of attention to planning all the steps on the way to achieve them. Emerging problems are perceived as interesting challenges, the successful completion of which can lead to the next level of complexity, like in a game. This awakens excitement in me and gives me great pleasure from the process of development, by solving new problems.I am fond of psychology and believe that an individual approach can and should be found to each person. I love teamwork and I am sure that people can reach the highest peaks if they combine their efforts! Nothing is impossible!


- HTML5 & CSS3, Flexbox/Grid Layout, BEM/css-in-js, Sass/SCSS, Figma/Adobe XD/Sketch;
- JavaScript (ES5+);
- React/Redux;
- npm/Yarn;
- Git/GitHub/GitLab/Gerrit;
- Jira/Trello;
- ESLint/Prettier;
- Webpack/Parcel/Snowpack;
- Unit testing (Jest);
- Scrum/Kanban;
- Node.js
- Express.js

Владение английским
Читаю профессиональную литературу
Telegram: @oshusha


Project Manager, KiteGroup
Ноябрь 2021 - Февраль 2022
  • Laying out the planning horizon;
  • Development of TOR, requirements, specifications for developers;
  • Coordinating the work of designers and developers, setting tasks and deadlines;
  • Conducting independent tests of the final products and engaging third-party testers;
  • ASO (application optimization work, writing texts, assigning tasks to designers on content creation, localization work and assigning tasks to translators);
  • Preparing applications for publishing and managing the full release cycle;
  • Operative and exact delivery to stakeholders of all necessary information about production process;
  • Working with outsourcers (work with the pool of current outsourcers, setting tasks for external contractors, timely transfer of sources for integration, planning horizon creation, organization of processes at the intersection of the outsourcer and the studio, control of feedback and deadlines, regular retro to discuss results/problems, logging work with contractors, coordinating estimates from the outsourcer based on available data or in conjunction with kraft leads, payment arrangements, budget control, sourcing and optimal selection of external contractors).

  • Standardized and configured project management in the team;

  • Implemented and structured a project knowledge base (Confluence);

  • Created, set up and documented the process of working with employees working as freelancers.

Frontend Developer (React), LG Electronics Russia R&D Lab
Ноябрь 2020 - Октябрь 2021

Frontend Developer (React)
"Ribbon Project":
- Optimizing and extending the functionality of existing code;
- Rewriting the project code in native JavaScript to React.

Application for organizing video conferences within the company:
- Implementation and subsequent integration of a speech recognition module and translation of the resulting text into the language of the interlocutor.


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