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QA Engineer



Product and customer-oriented engineer with vast experience in Quality Assurance, Researching and Problem Solving. Improved products, helped, and teaching people. Initiative to organize and support healthy processes to solve business goals. Focused on the Quality and Usability of the product for solving customer's tasks.


Soft: Quality Assurance, Mentoring, Communication, Teamwork, Analytics, Troubleshooting, Problem Solving, Collecting Requirements
Environment: Windows, Active Directory, Unix, Virtual Machines, VMWare, VirtualBox, Android Studio, Hyper-V
Tools and Technologies:
Courses and Self-study: Java 8+, SOLID, Gradle, Maven, Kotlin, RestAssured, Feign, POJO, JDBC, Azure DevOps, JIRA, Charles, Fiddler, JMeter, Hibernate, JUnit
Used in work: Python, JavaScript, C#, SQL, PostgreSQL, GIT, SVN, XML, JSON, CSV, OOP, Postman, Jenkins, Gitlab, Artifactory, Redmine, TestLink, TestIT, OTRS, Trello, Selenium, API, HASP, LDAP, SCADA, MES, IoT

Награды, Сертификаты

Hydroslope, Automiq Software — Support, QA Engineer, Analyst, 2018-2022
Customer development to an Oil company for remote monitoring of pipelines. Based on the crossplatform SCADA with Client-Server Architecture. Integrated with PLC, MES, ERP, HMI, and DB. Used QT, WinAPI, WPF, DCOM, Active Directory, OpenLDAP, XML/JSON/CSV, OPC, Modbus, IEC, SQL, TCP/UDP.
Participated in the implementation. Prepared and assembled stands. Conducted tests and support. Collected and tested requirements. Joined field events and business trips. Scaling solutions to company branches, and trained engineers. Handled tasks and bug reports. Trained engineers and demonstrations.
Historian, Automiq Software — Support, QA Engineer, 2018-2022
Crossplatform highload NoSQL database product for Industrial Big data.
Conducted Performance, Security tests, and PostgreSQL integration with SCADA, MES, ERP, and Excel. Analyzed Dumps, Logs, and Reports. Managed tasks and bug reports.
Neman, Automiq Software — Support, QA Engineer, Analyst, 2021-2022
Pilot solution based on SCADA for a big Gas company.
Collect and test requirements. Performed tests. Trained engineers and demonstrations.
Product Course, Automiq Software — Product Trainer, Lead, 2019-2022
Organized and managed a new direction of the company for better customer success and experience, promoting and reaching business goals.
Created, provided, and supported product courses. Developed educational material. Provided training for customers, partners, and staff. Mentored and managed trainers. Organized Certification.
Worked on the creation of a community for developers and customers to share expertise. Collected and tested requirements for the community portal. Cooperated with partners and educational establishments.
Guided on SCADA, HMI, MES, IoT, PLC, OOP, SQL/PostgreSQL, GIT/SVN, XML/JSON/CSV, JavaScript.
SCADA, Automiq Software — Support, QA Engineer, 2018-2022
Highload crossplatform SCADA system for Industrial Automation with HMI as UI and Client-Server modular architecture. With tools for administrating and configuring.
Stack: Security (LDAP, Active Directory, DCOM, Cryptography, HASPs, keys), Communication protocols based on TCP/UDP (Modbus, IEC, OPC, MQTT, etc.), XML/JSON/CSV, NoSQL/SQL/PostgreSQL, API, Web (Python, JS), Desktop Windows, and Unix QT apps, Crossplatform Server on C++ (Boost).
Conducted tests, and integration with SCADA, PLC, MES, and ERP. Analyzed Dumps, Logs, and Reports. Managed tasks and bug reports.

Владение английским
Могу проходить интервью


Senior Software Engineer Support, JSC “Automiq Software”
мая 2018 - мая 2022

Worked on L3 Support as SaaS by SLA. Participated in the implementation of projects. Major Troubleshooter, Problem-Solver, and Mentor for Support and QA staff.
Provided product and solution demos for the team and customers. Managed support.
Researched a different SCADA, HMI, MES, PLC, ERP, Databases, Windows, and Unix Systems for support cases. Analyzed Logs, Dumps, and Reports.
Collected requirements for on-field events and business trips. Researched requests, and manage tasks and bug reports.

QA Engineer, JSC “Automiq Software”
мая 2008 - мая 2022

Testing products and tools. Collected requirements. Create documentation and instructions.
Used Jenkins, Artifactory, GIT, and Gitlab for CI/CD. Redmine, Trello, and OTRS for management. Made test cases in TestLink, and TestIT.
Created and used tools for automation with the QA team on Python (Robot), JavaScript, C# (Selenium), and Postman. Prepared and assembled stands (VMWare, VirtualBox).

Support, Manager, QA, Other Experience
янв. 2014 - мая 2018

Communication, Sales, Management, and Technical Support. Researched requirements, Ads, SEO, Market, UI/UX. Analyzed regulatory documentation. Trained customers and staff. Used CRM, BackOffice, Helpdesk, and Base of Knowledge. Worked with B2B Tender platform, Web development, Document Management System. Tested Integrations, UI/UX, and Security. Troubleshooting and Problem-Solving issues.


Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics, Software engineering
июля 2012 - июля 2014

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