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I’m a hardworking, results-driven product manager looking for a challenging role in an organization that will offer me the opportunity to grow by delivering results. Highly regarded for getting things done, being proactive and being the manager of one. Skilled in team management, problem-solving, UX design.

Global Price - Almaty, KZ
Middle Product Manager Jun 2019 — present day
Junior Product Manager Dec 2018 — Jun 2019

• Led digital product development across the funnel on mobile apps with 1.5 mln MAU by validating, prioritizing and identifying opportunities and new features through continuous A/B experimentation.
• In two years I increased conversion rates on different platforms by 60-100% through A/B testing, UX redesigning, raising the percentage of redeemed bookings, increasing bookability etc.
• Substantially increased product margins (by 60%) through dynamic pricing feature, switching provider with lower distribution costs
• Decreasing ratio of client requests by 76% with research and data analytics (which led to reducing the cost of labor by at least 50%);
• Constantly conducted user interviews to refine user requirements and needs with more than 200 interviews in total.

Trans Letter - Almaty, KZ
Marketing Director Jun 2018 — Dec 2018
Digital Marketing Specialist Apr 2018 — Jun 2018

• Developed the company’s context marketing strategy which helped reaching #1 market share
• Coordinated first ever TOM (top of mind) and focus group researches for the company
• Constantly worked on improving traffic acquisition metrics (CAC, CPA, CPC, CPI etc.)

ProContest by Halyk Bank - Almaty, KZ Apr 2019
• A contest for product managers organized by Halyk bank - member of Forbes 2000 Global. The task was to develop several useful features for B2B and B2C digital banking platforms.
Media contributor

• I wrote several analytical articles for local media using data analysis (example 1, 2, 3)

PAVLODAR STATE UNIVERSITY (Toragigyrov University) - Pavlodar, Kazakhstan

Bachelor, Finance and Banking; GPA: 3.4
• During college days I’ve created strong friendships with guys from the Computer Science faculty which later helped me to start my own tech-related business.


Product Skills: Google Analytics, Firebase, PowerBI, MS Excel, Figma, Trello, Jira, Tracker, SQL, HTML/CSS, Wordpress, Appmetrica, Google Ads etc.
Interests: Running, Hiking, Value Investing, UX Design, Reading (mostly work-related and popular science)

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