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JS-Developer, Frontend.




My name is Dmytro and I am a switcher in the IT profession. I used
to work as a navigational officer and gave the sea 4 years of my life.

I spent the last year studying the profession of a front-end developer.
I finished courses, wrote a couple of small projects and I want to apply
the experience gained in practice.
My level of English is B2. During the courses I studied and applied in my work such features as: HTML/CSS, OOP, React, Redux Toolkit, CI/CD. Among other things, I have a great desire to learn and gain new experience.
Thank you for taking the time to read my CV and look forward to our
good cooperation!

My projects:

  1. Five small console games to practise in JS and Git - ("https://github.com/tresor13/frontend-project-lvl1/blob/main/README.md)

  2. CLI program to compare two JSON/YAML files and get the definitions as a result. (https://github.com/tresor13/frontend-project-lvl2/blob/main/README.md)

  3. A component for displaying constantly changing financial information that comes from the backend. Used React Hooks, Redux, Redux Toolkit to implement this task.

  • JavaScript
  • HTML 5 / CSS 3
  • React
  • Redux Toolkit
  • SASS
  • Pug
  • Git
  • I work on Mac OS
Награды, Сертификаты

B2 Level in a test of English Proficiency by British Council.

Владение английским
Могу проходить интервью
@dimadaga (Telegram)


"Navigation" at NU "OMA"
сент. 2012 - февр. 2017
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