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I'm a quite versatile Frontend Developer with 1.5 year of experience in product team. I am comfortable with React and Vue and other well-known code ecosystem surrounding these frontend frameworks like Redux ToolKit, React Router and other tools.

Most of my career I dealt developing Single Page Aplications and SaaS solutions. So In my future team it would be perfect to continue this vector and also to get a chance to extend my qualification becoming Fullstack JavaScript Developer, cause now I’m at the process of studying backend via Node.JS (Express). I'm a switcher. After 8 years of experience as a digital marketer I decided to burn the bridges and to make my childhood dream to be a developer come true. Online marketing was my religion for so long time so I think about programming a bit more than only writing letters to code editor.

I'm opened to local positions in Frankfurt or remote jobs in Germany and other countries. For sure I have a valid work permit for that.

  • Javascript: ECMAScript (ES 9+), TypeScript
  • Vue.JS: (VueX + Vue Router + Nuxt.JS)
  • React.JS: (React Hooks, Redux Toolkit + React Router)
  • Custom components (SCSS / LESS) or UI toolkits (Bootstrap, Element UI)

Other: Rest API (Swagger), Axios, Jest, Gulp, Webpack, Git (Gitlab, Github), Figma, Linux
Methodology: Agile(Scrum) by Jira with Confluence

Награды, Сертификаты

Successfully completed HTML Academy Frontend Development school in 2020. Link on profile

Владение английским
Свободно владею


Frontend Developer, LuckyGroup
июня 2021 - февр. 2022

For 4 months my colleague and I, two Junior Frontend developers, have made an SPA (ed platform for call-managers) on Vue.JS, which was immediately used by more than 1000 users. 3 months after release date I have been appointed to maintain it as a lead frontend-developer.


  • Vue 2-3 (VueX / Vue Router) + Nuxt.JS
  • React (Redux Toolkit + React Router, Hooks)
  • TypeScript
  • Custom components (SCSS / LESS) or Element UI toolkit.
  • Last standards of ECMAScript (ES 9+), Rest API.
  • Gitlab CI/CD
  • Agile(Scrum) by Jira with Confluence
Junior Frontend-Developer, Freelance
февр. 2021 - июня 2021

Working as a freelancer on Upwork.
Layout and developing of landing(promo) pages, online-stores for customers.

Regular work on every project consisted of:

  • Marking up its skeleton with HTML
  • Stylizing it with CSS using LESS / SCSS preprocessors
  • Making site interactive using native JavaScript (ECMAScript 2019+) .
  • Bundling code files with Gulp / Webpack
Internet Marketer, Affiliate Marketer (CPA), Media-buyer , Self-employed
июня 2012 - мая 2020
  • Marketing analysis of the business and its marketing strategy
  • Research of the target audience, identifying its motives and wishes to purchase company's products
  • Marketing analysis of the site / SMM of the customer and giving recommendations to improve it.
  • Making of contextual/targeted advertising campaigns (drawing photo/video creatives, copyrighting texts of advertisements)
  • Maintenance of these advertising campaigns with subsequent optimisation, as well as reporting on the effectiveness to my client.


Finance Bachelor Degree at The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA)
сент. 2011 - сент. 2015
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