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I am looking for a job or a paid internship as a Frontend Developer. I am ready for remote work with a full/part-time work schedule and for relocation.

I am currently studying with a personal mentor on an educational platform Hexlet on the course Profession "Frontend-Developer". Completed two training projects as part of the programme under study:

  1. Brain Games - set of five console games.
    Acquired skills:

    • using Git
    • configuring the local environment (nvm, Node.js, Babel)
    • automation of routine tasks (make)
    • code quality control (Eslint, Code Climate)
    • continuous integration (Travis CI)
    • experience in implementing a console application
  2. Generator of Differences - the program determining the difference between two data structures.
    Acquired skills:

    • integration of third-party libraries into the application (commander.js, Lodash)
    • working with the file system in Node.js (reading/writing files)
    • working with tree data structures
    • automated testing (Jest)
    • continuous integration (GitHub Actions)

I am currently working on a third project RSS Aggregator (RSS-feed aggregation service which allows you to add an unlimited number of RSS-feeds, update them and add new entries to the general stream) and studying React/Redux.

About me:
Since school, I have been equally interested in programming and radio electronics. Having chosen the second direction, I made a career from telecommunications electrician to lead engineer, but the desire to develop has not disappeared. In recent years, I started to study independently first Squeak (Smalltalk), then Python and Ruby. Realizing that I could not do without JavaScript knowledge, I started learning it on Hexlet, fell in love and became seriously interested in web programming. I had a desire to change my profession and, developing already as a front-end developer, to apply my knowledge in creating and maintaining real web applications.

In my free time, I listen to music, watch movies and read, including professional literature (read: "JavaScript: The Good Parts", "Grokking Algorithms", in the process: "Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja, 2nd Edition"). I am currently studying English intensively and taking courses on software development in English on Udemy. I try to develop in everything that I am interested in.


JavaScript (ES6+)
HTML, CSS, Bootstrap (basic)
HTTP, TCP/IP, DNS (understanding principles)

Владение английским
Могу проходить интервью
https://t.me/Dmytr1K | https://www.linkedin.com/in/dmytro-korzhov


Lead Engineer, Branch "Delta-pilot" of State Enterprise "Ukraine Sea Port Authority"
апр. 2015 - по настоящее время

Responsibilities: organization of work of subordinate engineers in order to ensure proper technical maintenance, continuous high-productive operation of electronic radio-navigation equipment, communication equipment, computer equipment and data transmission equipment; in case of absence of the electronic engineer on duty - fulfilling his duties.

- gained leadership experience;
- at the same time, first independently, and then on the Hexlet educational platform, began to study web programming.

Electronics Engineer, Branch "Delta-pilot" of State Enterprise "Ukraine Sea Port Authority"
февр. 2003 - марта 2015

Responsibilities: technical support in the working condition of radar and electronic equipment, data transmission equipment, computer and communications equipment of the vessel traffic control post.

- translated technical documentation into Russian (for monitors, an oscilloscope, a weather station, radio stations, etc.);
- wrote scripts in sh, batch, PowerShell (automated deployment and backup of working software and system settings);
- received a second higher education with a qualification as a software engineer.

Assembler of Radio-Electronic Equipment, SPETS-TV LLC
мая 2002 - янв. 2003

Responsibilities: assembly, functional testing and rough tuning of radio electronic equipment for cable TV networks (power supplies, amplifiers, control and measuring devices).

- passed an internship to the post of adjustment of radio-electronic equipment;
- independently studied office computer programs, mastered the blind ten-finger printing method.

Telecommunications Electrician, Telecommunications Center of Ukrteleсom JSC
июля 2000 - июня 2001

Responsibilities: technical support in the working condition of the equipment for long-distance, rural communication and the radio broadcasting center.

- passed training on advanced training courses in the direction "New technique and operation of wired broadcasting equipment. Station devices";
- independently studied the assembler programming language.


Software for Automated System (Master's degree), Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding
нояб. 2010 - марта 2013
Systems and Complexes of Radio Communication, Radio Broadcasting and Television (Master's degree), O. S. Popov Ukrainian State Academy of Telecommunications
сент. 1994 - июня 1999

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