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My name is Mikhail Orlov. I am looking for a full-time or part-time Junior Python/backend developer position. Remote work format is in priority. Ready for relocation.

I have tried such languages as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, settled on Python. I like its syntax and simplicity, despite this: great opportunities in various areas. Before programming, I did't know what to connect my life with. But once I wrote the first code, I could't stop!

At my young age, I have a responsible attitude to the assigned tasks. Also, of soft-skills, I can note the ability to search for the right information, or turn to an experienced specialist, in case of difficulties in the task.

There is a great desire to join a development team with a good code culture, where processes, mentoring, and an atmosphere of support and mutual assistance prevail, in order to do what you love most effectively and bring maximum benefit to the team and the company.

I trained at Hexlet in the Python Developer program and have done the following projects:

1. Brain Games

A set of five console math games.

Gained skills:

  • setting up the environment: Ubuntu, PyCharm, pip package installer, virtual environments, Poetry (building the project distribution and installing it);
  • connecting additional libraries;
  • implementation of PEP8 coding standards using the flake8 linter;
  • working with Git and Github;
  • Continuous Integration (CI) using Github Actions;
  • development of project architecture - isolation of side effects, the ability to add new games.

2. Gendiff

A command line utility. Defines the difference between JSON/YAML files with a choice of output format diff.

Gained skills:

  • work with data tree structure and recursion;
  • argparse library, work with command line parameters;
  • json and PyYaml file libraries;
  • TDD practice, automatic tests, Pytest framework, CodeClimate.

3. Page loader

A command line utility for downloading web pages to a selected directory. It downloads all objects of an HTML document along with the page, allowing the page to be opened without access to the Internet.

Gained skills:

  • BeautifulSoup4 library for parsing HTML pages;
  • requests library for sending HTTP requests;
  • work with the file system;
  • work with exceptions and errors;
  • testing of the programme's operation using mock-tests and temporary directories to isolate the programme's side effects;
  • monitoring of the utility's operation by means of logging.

4. Page analyzer

A website that analyses specified pages for SEO suitability.

Gained skills:

  • worked out the basic principles of the MVC-architecture;
  • sent SQL-queries to the database using the psycopg library;
  • used Bootsrtap5 components for the visual design;
  • the application itself is based on the Flask framework.

5. Task manager

Task Manager is a task management system. It allows you to set tasks, assign performers, and change their statuses.

Gained skills:

  • worked with SQL database using the Django ORM;
  • the application itself is based on the Django framework.

From books I've read:

  • Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software. Charles Petzold (learned a lot about the inner workings of the computer);
  • The Clean Coder: A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers. Robert Martin (gave a lot of useful advice about teamwork and different programming techniques);
  • Grokking algorithms. Aditya Bhargava (thanks to this book, an idea of basic algorithms appeared).

Also I have listened to the podcast "Thoughts and Methods", which brings up topics of computer hardware, the Internet, math and etc.

  • Python
  • Poetry
  • Ubuntu
  • Vim
  • pymongo
  • AWS
  • Git, Github, CI (Actions), Github Pages
  • Automatic testing (Pytest)
  • flake8, PEP8
  • Knowledge of Python OOP principles
  • Working with cli
  • Regexp
  • BeautifulSoup4
  • requests
  • requests-mock
  • logging
  • flask
  • SQL (DBMS: PostgreSQL)
  • Django / Django ORM
Награды, Сертификаты

Participated in the "DatSanta" hackathon.
Put together a team of three people. Before the hackathon, we practiced writing code together, and learned the branches and pulls in the git in practice.
At the hackathon itself, our task was to help Santa deliver presents to everyone on time without getting caught in the snowstorms that slowed him down.

Владение английским
Могу проходить интервью
Дополнительные контакты
TG: @Orrrlovvv; MAIL: mikhailorlov398@gmail.com; https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikhail-orlov-138a46241/


Python developer, Botprise
Апрель 2023 - по настоящее время

On Botprise we are enabling agile enterprise in Hyperautomation using smart bots with advanced AI and workflow automation.
Our smart bots learn Cloud and DevSecOps issues and apply the right workflows to resolve them including involving humans in the loop as needed for information and decisions
- Working with REST APIs, pymongo, flask, AWS
- Attending meetings in English
- Tracking assignments in the Jira

Dialogue design specialist (intern), Evolwe
Ноябрь 2022 - Декабрь 2022

My responsibilities during the internship were:
- Study documents on the description of potential users and bot characteristics
- Work with user flow
- Compose content for the bot
- Write human-like and conversational messages for empathic AI
- Work with an intent machine
- Test a new version of the chatbot
- Participation in writing a dialog graph
- Clustering custom replicas
- Writing prompts for the bot
- Testing new models, such as Babbage, Curie, GooseAI
- Writing intents
- Work with bot text markup in Label Studio and in the web interface


Yanka Kupala State University. Faculty of Biology and Ecology. Specialization in scientific and pedagogical activity.
Сентябрь 2022 - Апрель 2023


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Resume Evaluation:

1. Strong knowledge and experience in Python programming language.
2. Proficient in various Python libraries and frameworks such as Flask, BeautifulSoup4, Django, and Pytest.
3. Experience in setting up development environments and working with version control systems like Git.
4. Familiarity with web technologies including HTML, CSS, and HTTP.
5. Knowledge of SQL and experience in working with databases, specifically PostgreSQL.
6. Experience with cloud platforms like AWS.
7. Demonstrated ability to work in an Agile environment and track assignments using Jira.
8. Continuous learning mindset, evident from completing various projects and reading relevant books.
9. Participated in a hackathon, showcasing teamwork and practical experience with version control.

Areas for improvement:
1. Lack of information on educational background and specific courses or certifications related to programming or software development.
2. Limited information on professional experience, with only two short-term internships mentioned.

Overall, the candidate shows strong technical skills and a passion for Python development. However, it would be beneficial to provide more details about education and professional experience to give a comprehensive overview of their qualifications.

Cover letter

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my interest in the Junior Python developer position at your company. I have a strong passion for Python programming and I am actively seeking opportunities to enhance my skills and contribute to a development team.

Here are some key highlights of my qualifications:

  1. Skills and Experience:

    • Proficient in Python programming language with a solid understanding of its syntax and simplicity.
    • Familiarity with web development technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
    • Experience in setting up development environments using Ubuntu, PyCharm, and virtual environments.
    • Knowledge of package management using pip and Poetry.
    • Familiarity with Git and GitHub for version control and collaboration.
    • Experience with Continuous Integration (CI) using GitHub Actions.
    • Strong understanding of PEP8 coding standards and using flake8 for code linting.
  2. Projects:

    • Brain Games: Developed a set of five console math games, demonstrating skills in project setup, library integration, coding standards, Git usage, and CI implementation.
    • Gendiff: Created a command-line utility for comparing JSON/YAML files, showcasing knowledge of tree structures, recursion, command-line parameter handling, and automated testing.
    • Page loader: Developed a command-line utility for downloading web pages and their assets, involving parsing HTML pages, sending HTTP requests, file system manipulation, error handling, and testing.
    • Page analyzer: Built a website for analyzing web pages for SEO suitability, utilizing the MVC architecture, SQL database querying, Bootstrap for visual design, and Flask framework.
    • Task manager: Created a task management system using Django ORM, demonstrating skills in working with SQL databases and Django framework.
  3. Education:

    • Completed Python Developer program at Hexlet, gaining practical experience in Python development and project implementation.
  4. Work Experience:

    • Botprise: Worked as a Python developer, gaining experience in working with REST APIs, pymongo, flask, and AWS. Attended meetings in English and tracked assignments in Jira.
    • Evolwe: Interned as a Dialogue Design Specialist, where I gained experience in user flow, content creation, testing chatbots, and working with intent machines.
  5. Education Background:

    • Currently pursuing a degree in scientific and pedagogical activity at Yanka Kupala State University, Faculty of Biology and Ecology.

I am confident that my skills, experience, and passion for Python development make me a strong candidate for the Junior Python developer position. I am eager to contribute to a development team with a strong code culture and an atmosphere of support and mutual assistance.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss how I can contribute to your team.

Mikhail Orlov

Improved resume

Mikhail Orlov - Junior Python developer

Objective: Seeking a full-time or part-time Junior Python/backend developer position with a preference for remote work. Open to relocation.

1. Programming Languages: Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
2. Python Libraries/Frameworks: Poetry, Flask, Django, BeautifulSoup4, requests, pymongo, Django ORM
3. Development Tools: Ubuntu, Vim, Git, Github, CI (Actions), Github Pages
4. Testing: Automatic testing (Pytest)
5. Code Quality: flake8, PEP8
6. Database: SQL (DBMS: PostgreSQL)
7. Cloud: AWS
9. OOP: Knowledge of Python OOP principles
10. CLI: Working with cli
11. Other: Regexp, logging

1. Brain Games: A set of five console math games. Developed using Ubuntu, PyCharm, Poetry, Flake8, Git, Github Actions.
2. Gendiff: Command line utility for finding differences between JSON/YAML files. Used recursion, argparse, json, PyYaml, TDD (Pytest framework, CodeClimate).
3. Page loader: Command line utility for downloading web pages. Utilized BeautifulSoup4, requests, file system operations, exception handling, mock-tests, logging.
4. Page analyzer: Website for analyzing SEO suitability of pages. Implemented MVC architecture, used psycopg, Bootstrap5, Flask.
5. Task manager: Task management system. Worked with Django ORM, Django framework.

- Yanka Kupala State University, Faculty of Biology and Ecology. Specialization in scientific and pedagogical activity. Start date: 2022-09-01, End date: 2023-04-01.

Work Experience:
1. Company: Botprise
Position: Python developer
Dates: 2023-04-01 to 2023-08-01
Description: Developed smart bots with advanced AI and workflow automation. Worked with REST APIs, pymongo, flask, AWS. Participated in English meetings and tracked assignments in Jira.

  1. Company: Evolwe Position: Dialogue design specialist (intern) Dates: 2022-11-01 to 2022-12-01 Description: Internship focused on dialogue design. Responsibilities included working with user flow, composing content for chatbots, testing new models, and writing intents.

Additional Information:
- Participated in the "DatSanta" hackathon, leading a team of three people to develop a solution for helping Santa deliver presents on time.
- Read books on computer hardware, software, and professional programming practices.
- Listened to the podcast "Thoughts and Methods" covering topics related to computer hardware, the Internet, and math.

Contact Information:
Phone: +375333803129
Email: mikhailorlov398@botprise.com

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