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I am looking for a job in a Frontend position. Full-time remote work format.

Always had an interest in IT, but eventually, I got a degree in Mechatronics. I knew, that it was doable to become a self-taught developer by doing courses or learning on my own. That's what happened as I thought.
In 2018, received an education, and I worked in my specialty for a short time, after which I consciously realized that coding makes my heart respond much more strongly.

Began with C#, but due to some circumstances, I pretty quickly moved to Frontend.
Decided to take a Node.js learning path program on Hexlet to expand my skills, knowledge and solidify the foundation in general.

At the moment, I have completed 2 out of 4 training projects (including code reviews from a professional mentor):

1. Mind Games (CLI)

A set of five console math games.

Skills gained:
- environment setup: WSL, node.js, npm, VSCode, Eslint connection and configuration;
- connection of additional libraries;
- implementation of Airbnb coding standards using Eslint, CodeClimate linter;
- work with Git and GitHub;
- continuous integration (CI) using GitHub Actions;
- development of project architecture - isolation of side effects, the ability to add new games

2. Difference Finder / Compare Tool (CLI)

A command line utility for determining the differences between two JSON or YAML format files with different output styles.

Skills gained:
- work with tree-like data structure and recursion;
- library commander.js, work with command line parameters;
- TDD practice, automated tests, Jest;


JavaScript/TypeScript, ES6+;
React, Mobx;
HTML, CSS, SCSS, CSS IN JS (MaterialUI, Baseweb);
Testing with Jestt;
Git, GitHub, GitHub Actions;

Владение английским
Могу проходить интервью
e-mail: telegram: linkedin:


021 Software Development, Frontend Developer
Декабрь 2021 - по настоящее время

Tech stack:

🔸Baseweb, Styletron, MaterialUI
🔺Javascript, Typescript, React, Mobx, GraphQL, NextJS

I have used these technologies to develop and maintain:
• responsive and pixel-perfect user interfaces 🔍
• logic of the web application 🚀

Mechatronician, ENKO AS
Октябрь 2019 - Декабрь 2019

The tasks were aimed at:

• solving problems related to electricity in the enterprise
• especially the maintenance of production machines; specifically: inspection, connection, replacement, and configuration of machine parts

Mechatronician, Mistra-Autex AS
Октябрь 2018 - Октябрь 2019

The tasks were aimed at:

• work with controllers, namely the creation of programs on "Unitronics" PLC
• creation of power circuits related to the automation part with further installation, verification, and adjustment of the electric case's operability according to the created circuits
• various works on the electrical part of the enterprise for the maintenance


Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation Engineering, Tallinn Industrial Education Center
Сентябрь 2015 - Июнь 2018


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