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Not worked yet, but studied a lot and have a great wishes to work like developer.

I am studying and researching a lot of information about almost everything, especially something applied like physical skills, some software and real tools etc. Today I'm looking for AI technologies and how to use them in work and study.

My another feature is optimisation till "die Ordnung". Effectiveness and power turned up to absolute. Some previous bosses looked at it with acceptance.

BTW me also good at service like a culture of speaking to clients. Some years in HoReCa taught me this very well. I don't even think that client may be disappointed by aimed actions of company.


Python, Linux CLI (bash), markdown, HTML, SQL

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Specialist, Medical psychologist, State Pediatric Medical University
Сентябрь 2013 - Январь 2019


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  1. The candidate has studied Python and is interested in working as a Python developer. However, they do not have any work experience in this field yet.
  2. The candidate has a strong desire to learn and research new information.
  3. The candidate is interested in AI technologies and how they can be applied in work and study.
  4. The candidate has a strong focus on optimization and efficiency.
  5. The candidate has experience in customer service, specifically in the HoReCa industry.
  6. The candidate has knowledge of Python, Linux CLI, markdown, HTML, and SQL.
  7. The candidate holds a Specialist degree in Medical Psychology from a State Pediatric Medical University.
Сover letter

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my keen interest in the Python Developer position at your company. Although I have not yet worked in this field, I have studied extensively and possess a strong desire to work as a developer.

My passion for learning and researching has led me to explore various topics, including AI technologies and their applications in both work and study. Additionally, I am highly skilled in optimization and value effectiveness and power in all my work. My previous bosses have appreciated this quality in me.

Apart from my technical skills, I also excel at customer service and have honed my communication skills during my years in the HoReCa industry. I am confident that my aim to always satisfy clients' needs and deliver results will be an asset to your company.

I possess expertise in Python, Linux CLI (bash), markdown, HTML, and SQL. I am currently enrolled at [Institute] where I completed a specialist degree in Medical Psychology at State Pediatric Medical University.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


[Your Name]

Improved resume

Python Developer

- State Pediatric Medical University, Specialist in Medical Psychology, 2013-2019

- Proficient in Python, Linux CLI (bash), Markdown, HTML, SQL
- Strong passion for AI technologies and their practical applications
- Highly skilled in optimization and maximizing effectiveness
- Exceptional customer service and communication skills, honed through years of experience in HoReCa industry

- Phone: +79006358610
- Email:

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