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I have been in the IT industry for a long time. I worked as a system administrator in a large holding company. I have an understanding of how to create local networks and how to organize work for uninterrupted operation of the enterprise.
• I also had a passion for marketing and analytics, and worked for many years in this field. I participated in projects to create and promote products from scratch, collecting analytical data on sales and customers.
• Currently, I have retrained as a frontend developer and have been working in web development for over 1.5 years. During my studies, I worked on various projects. These are landing pages written in native JS and PHP, as well as e-commerce applications developed on React/Redux + TypeScript libraries.
• In my work, I prefer teamwork, as I believe that it contributes to more effective problem- solving. I would like to join a team that develops both large and small online stores. I am ready to consider both remote and office work, but I prefer office work."

Online site for ordering pizza. The application implements an optimized product search, filtering, pagination and various sorting. Routing configured. There is a basket of goods, a skeleton. The product card is implemented with a choice of pizza size, as well as with additional additives. To optimize the application, I used memoization, debounce, chunk.

STACK: ( HTML, CSS, Figma, Adaptive, React, TypeScript, Redux Toolkit, Layout, RESTfull API, Redax-Thunk, React-Hooks, React-Router, React-Content-Loader, React-Icons, Material UI, AXIOS, Enzyme, Firebase, env.local, LocalStorage, Git/GitHub. Backand: mockapi. Prettier

➤ GitHub: link
➤ Project link: link

The application has implemented authorization and registration, form validation, subscription to email and phone mailing lists, a shopping cart, favorites, skeletons, and private routes. There is a product catalog with pagination, filtering, and sorting of products. Memoization and chunks were used for application optimization.

STACK: ( HTML, CSS, SCSS, Figma, Adaptive, React, TypeScript, Redux Toolkit, Redax- Thunk, Layout, RESTfull API, React-Hooks, React-Router, React-Content-Loader, React- Paginate, React-Icons, Material UI, Axios, QS, LocalStorage, Git/GitHub. Backand: mockapi. Prettier

➤ GitHub: link

A simple online store selling sneakers. Context is used as the state manager. The application implements a product search, shopping cart, favorites pages, my orders. Skeletons are also implemented. After placing an order, orders can be viewed on the page "My orders"

STACK: ( HTML, CSS, SASS, Figma, Macro-css, React, React-Context, RESTfull API, React- Hooks, React-Router, React-Content-Loader, Axios, Git/GitHub. Backand: mockapi. Prettier
➤ GitHub: link
➤ Project link: link

• Landings
➤ Cleaning company landing page
➤ Landing page for a bank application
➤ Cryptocurrency exchange landing page ➤ Store selling clothes and accessories
STACK: (HTML, CSS, SCSS, JS, Animation library animate.css, CSS Library Swiper, project builder Prepros)


CSS, SCSS, BEM, Adaptive JavaScript
Redux/Redux Toolkit Redux-Thunk


Marketing and Database analyst, VERESOTSKYI Ukraine
Август 2017 - Октябрь 2021

Telemarketing - Participation in the development of marketing strategies
• Specialist in SMS mailings
• Integration of SMS services into 1C-enterprise for further
• Implementation of technical tasks for integrating various
services into 1C Enterprise V.8
• Implementation of marketing SMS mailings throughout
• Database analyst;
• Analytical work related to sales and revenue, as well as
financial accounting for marketing and planning costs
• Creation of a technical task for creating landing page to
attract customers and sales, and its further administration.
• Experience in developing technical tasks for optimizations
business processes in 1C-enterprise

Network and System administrator, Simpatik Group Ukraine
Июль 2013 - Август 2017

• Administration 1s enterprise 8.2 -
• Support for network services (http, https, ftp, dhcp, dns, )
• Windows server 2002 & 2008 administration
• Configuring group and local policies
• Connecting and debugging peripherals
• Assembling new computers as well as repairing
breakdowns of existing ones


Kiev Higher Vocational School of Technology and Design
Май 2010 - Август 2013

О себе
Готов к релокации
Начальные знания английского языка
Проживаю в городе Erevan


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