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Junior Frontend Developer



I'm an up-and-coming developer with a desire to learn and grow in a collaborative team environment. Based in Riga, Latvia looking for a job as a Junior Frontend Developer position remote/hybrid options with a willingness to relocate.

Starting in 2019 as a hobby I've decided to dedicate myself to programming in 2022 fully. Since April I'm a hexlet student in the "Frontend Development" profession. The expected graduation date is November - December 2022. Here are the projects I've accomplished so far:

1) Brain Games

Set of five simple console games to check your math skills

Gained skills:
- setting up the environment: WS, Node.JS, npm, VSCode, Eslint connection, and configuration;
- connecting additional libraries, working with dependencies;
- implementation of Airbnb coding standards using the Eslint, CodeClimate;
- working with Git and Github;
- Continuous Integration (CI) using Github Actions;
- development of the project architecture - isolation of side effects, the ability to add new games.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ES6+;
Node.js, npm;
Git, GitHub, GitHub Actions;
WSL, Linux (Ubuntu), command line.

Награды, Сертификаты
Владение английским
Свободно владею


Co-owner, TechSquad | Influence Marketing Agency, Moscow, Russia
окт. 2020 - по настоящее время

Founded the influence marketing agency with a group of YouTube bloggers all
around CIS
Constantly looking for new bloggers to join our agency on an exclusive basis and
rely on us all advertisement questions
Created a simple project environment with all the details about projects'
deadlines, the current status of ad/payment, and financial profit. Also the database
of clients and bloggers and their contacts
Led the production of the TechSquad.ru website for the agency

Project Manager, Creative People | Digital Agency, Moscow, Russia
дек. 2019 - апр. 2021

Serving as the Project Manager for four clients, totaling around EUR 10 000+ in revenue every month
Providing day-to-day digital support for clients, working on landing pages,
websites and web banners
Developed and maintained a detailed project plan for each project
Oversaw coordination of the team engaged in project work
Ran ongoing meetings with clients, including weekly status check-ins
Provided program and project status reports to the project team and clients

Project Manager, Mosaic | Digital Agency, Moscow, Russia
марта 2019 - дек. 2019

Served as the Project Manager for clients such as Yandex, Reckitt Benckiser
and Mastercard
Launched advertising campaigns with bloggers for the Yandex division. For
In almost two years, 30+ companies have been launched, each of which involved
5-15 bloggers.
Experienced both working on integration formats and the format of exclusive
Generated various mechanics for distributing promo codes, manually searched
bloggers for collaborations.
Oversaw coordination of the team engaged in project work
Providing day-to-day digital support for clients, working with influencers,
internet videos, and landing pages.
Ran ongoing meetings with clients, including weekly status check-ins
Provided program and project status reports to the project team and clients


Intetnational Management | Industial University of Tyumen, Tyumen, Russia
сент. 2013 - июня 2017
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