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👋 Hi, I'm Aleksei, a self-taught junior front-end developer. I'm looking for my first job where I can create high quality digital experiences. I find accomplishing programming tasks satisfying, my critical thinking and analytical mind are definitely the right mindset for that. I'm also a responsible person, friendly in communication even with those I disagree with, attentive to detail, and patient.

📚 Here's how I studied:
- Completed the "Front-end developer" profession at Hexlet
- Read several books, such as "The Modern JavaScript Textbook", "You don't know JS", "Pro Git", "Clean Code"
- Studied documentation for libraries
- Solved more than 200 coding exercises in total at Hexlet, Codesignal, LeetCode
- Learned a lot of useful topics by reading blogs and watching youtube (e.g. CoDrops, Josh Comeau, LogRocket, etc)

🏗️ I did some learning projects along the way, and submitted a few contributions to an open source whiteboard application called Excalidraw. Recently, I was also a part of my first hackathon - #PetHack. It was fun and it was a great experience of how interesting and productive teamwork can be.

📈 I'm looking for a company that values a healthy relationship between employees and helps them grow professionally.

Hopefully I'll get a chance to code in a job interview soon. Your feedback is very important to me. Thank you for looking at my resume!

  • 👨‍💻 Object-oriented and functional programming in JavaScript & TypeScript
  • 📦 Understand common data structures and sorting algorithms, and how to measure time and space complexity (big O)
  • ⚛️ Develop web applications with modern tools: React, state management, CSS in JS, bundlers
  • 🎨 Create responsive and accessible templates using HTML & CSS
  • 📡 Know how HTTP and authentication work, how to fetch data
  • 🐞 Debug JS and React, use Chrome dev tools
  • 🧪 Write automated unit and integration tests using Jest/Vitest and Testing Library
  • 🤝 Contribute to open source and discuss PRs with a team
  • 🛠️ Use and set up code quality tools like Linters and CI
  • 🐧 Work in Linux command line and desktop environments
Описание проектов
  • Algorithms and data structures - implementations of basic data structures and sorting algorithms in Typescript with tests

  • Vite React template - Github template for frontend projects with Vite, React, Typescript, testing, linting, CI.

  • Contributing to Excalidraw. A few contributions to the popular open source whiteboard web app - Excalidraw. Mostly related to resizing various shapes on the canvas. Includes:

    • Adding new features, such as flipping with a pointer
    • Fixing bugs
    • Refactoring
    • Adding/fixing tests
    • Opening issues to submit bugs
    • Discussing the changes with the team in PRs
  • Devjobs web app. SPA for closed Github Jobs. The app is still making requests to Github Jobs API - but it's mocked with MSW library, which uses a service worker for intercepting requests and sending back data from a json file.

    • Tech stack: React, Redux, JSS
    • Uses my webpack-react-template as a starter project
    • Implement fuzzy search with fuse.js
    • The app recovers search state from the URL
    • Tests, linting, CI, deploy.
  • Todo app

    • Tech stack: React, Typescript, Emotion
    • Implement CRUD operations on tasks
    • Implement reducer pattern & immutable global state using react context & immer.js
    • Learn styled API
    • Testing, linting, CI, deploy
  • Frontend practice - a collection of about 20 projects made for practicing HTML, CSS, DOM API. Organized as a monorepo with auto deployment to github pages for changed projects only.

О себе
Читаю профессиональную литературу на английском языке
Проживаю в городе Tashkent


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