Junior Node.js backend developer




Готовность к релокации



Highly motivated and enthusiastic junior backend Node.js developer.
I prefer remote work format, but I'm open to any format.
Possessing a strong foundation in web development, I am eager to apply my skills and knowledge to contribute to a dynamic development team. I have completed two educational projects, both focused on command-line applications. Currently, I am actively engaged in ongoing learning and development, and I am planning to expand my skillset to include Python.
As my first step into the world of IT, I embarked on the "Node.js Developer" course on Hexlet. Currently finished 2 out of 4 study modules.


  • Mind Games (GitHub) - A console utility consisting of 5 console-based arithmetic games.
    Skills applied:

    • Basic JS
    • Command-line interface
    • Ubuntu
    • Eslint linter
    • Git version control system
    • CodeClimate
    • NPM package manager.
  • Difference Calculator (GitHub) - A console utility that determines the differences between two data structures - JSON and YAML.
    Skills applied:

    • Creating CLI utilities (Commander)
    • Working with trees (recursion and higher-order functions)
    • Creating automated tests using GitHub Actions and Jest
    • Codeclimate test coverage

Hard Skills:

Proficient in:

JavaScript (JS)
Linux (Ubuntu)

Experience and understanding of:


Currently learning:


English - C1 level
Russian - fluent

Soft Skills:

Strong Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills: With over 7 years of experience collaborating with teams and working with diverse individuals, I excel in fostering positive relationships and effective teamwork.

Fast Learner and Adaptability: I have a proven ability to quickly grasp new concepts and adapt to changing environments, allowing me to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and thrive in dynamic settings.

Technical Aptitude: With a background in technical disciplines, I possess a strong technical mindset and problem-solving abilities, enabling me to tackle complex technical challenges efficiently.

Proactive Problem Solver: I am a proactive and solution-oriented thinker, always seeking innovative approaches to problem-solving and embracing challenges with a positive mindset.

I believe that my strong teamwork and interpersonal skills, adaptability, technical aptitude, and proactive problem-solving approach make me a valuable asset to any team.

Награды, Сертификаты

Hexlet, Node.js Developer 2023, in process

Дополнительные контакты


CNC machining center operator-mechanic, LLC 'PKF DKS'
Сентябрь 2021 - Ноябрь 2022

Working with CAD drawings and similar formats
Creating programs for CNC machining centers
Setting up and maintaining the mechanisms of the machining center

Personal small and medium business manager, Tinkoff Bank
Февраль 2021 - Август 2021

Providing clients with real-time support through phone and chat
Establishing and maintaining long-term partnerships with clients to achieve mutually beneficial collaboration
Proactively offering banking products and services that optimize expenses and increase clients' profits including IT solutions for businesses

Bartender/Manager/Bar Manager, Total experience in the HoReCa industry exceeds 5 years
Июнь 2015 - Январь 2021

Setting up business processes in the field of supply chain and logistics
Personnel management, training, and recruitment. Setting goals for the team and establishing work formats
Working with people, including resolving conflicts


Bachelor's Degree in Journalism (Incomplete) - RSSU (Russian State Social University), Moscow
Сентябрь 2014 - Март 2017


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